About Me

Shannon Leigh Webber is from Dahlonega, a small town in North East Georgia. After high school, Shannon traveled a grueling 45 minutes away from home to attend Piedmont College, where she earned a BFA in Theatre. After college she traveled even farther from home to the University of Arkansas where she spent three years working towards her MFA in Acting. After graduating once again, Shannon moved to the Windy City (Chicago), where she has lived and worked for 6 years. 
Some of her favorite roles include: Blanche in a Streetcar Named Desire, Katherine Brandt in 33 Variations, and Norma in Perfect Arrangement. Shannon is also a company member with Random Acts Chicago.

In her spare time, Shannon enjoys yoga, crafting, watching old movies, cooking and surviving the harsh Chicago winters with her partner Esteban, Pidgey (their recused King Pigeon) and their many houseplants.  

Curly Hair.jpg

Height: 5"8

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Red

Location: Chicago, IL


Clash of the Rhinos | Sunrise the Short Film | 2018

Lead Actor​: Kim


Rough House Theater | The Silence in Harrow House | 2019

Lead Actor​/Puppeteer

Pride Films & Plays | 12 Angry Men (Read by 12 Women) | 2019
Juror 3

Random Acts | The Laramie Project | 2018

Rebecca Hilliker/Ensemble


DOXA | Collier Drugstore | 2012

Lead Actor​

DOXA | Collier Drugstore: GYM | 2011

Lead Actor

Training &

Green Room Studio | On-Camera Acting | Sean Bradley​

Tectonic Theatre Project | Moment Work Level 1&2 | Moises Kaufman

University or Arkansas | Voice & Diction Levels 1,2 &3 | Mavourneen Dwyer

University of Arkansas | Dialects Levels 1, 2 &3 | Mavourneen Dwyer​

Special Skills
  • Dialects:  RP, Cockney, Irish, Scottish, Russian, German, Southern

  • Improvisation

  • Yoga

  • Bart Simpson Laugh

  • Horror Movie Scream

  • Singing

  • Can Drive a Stick-shift